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Media Spokesperson Trainer

Build Relationships & Revenue, Position the Brand, Train Industry Professionals
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The demand for our firm’s services continues to rise. As such, we are looking for superstar trainers to be part of this exceptional team. We hire only the best talent and we keep only the best talent.

The Trainer is a key member of our corporate training division whose role is to train industry professionals to effectively represent their organization when interviewing with the media.

Delta Media Inc.’s Business Philosophy

It’s about #TeamWork (our internal motto). It’s also about seeing our clients as an extension of our team and not just a client or a number. It’s a focus on relationship building in everything we do day-to-day. It’s about being part of a vision where the sum of success is not just individual but includes the team (inside and outside our office walls). We are a different kind of company built on strong ethics, mutual respect, appreciation and a good moral code. We believe in fairness, hard work, and the collective, not the individual. Likewise, we pick our clients, strategic partners and associates in the same style. Each person on our team is critical in the professional health of the firm. As such, we carefully choose the right person for the right job and we set the right boundaries for our rules of engagement. There is no glass ceiling with this opportunity and it can evolve to be defined on both your vision and our vision of success. If this sounds like you, read on.

Ideal Candidate

Impeccable attention to detail, high-professionalism, knowledge and interpersonal skills are imperative for success in this position. An in-depth level of understanding the media landscape in Canada, how journalists think, prepare their stories and deliver their messages. This role is for someone that is a balanced blend of being social and personable but also a get the work done type of personality. Critical thinking and ability to problem solve are desired assets. It’s about being a big picture thinker all the while ensuring that the important details are covered. We realize we are looking for a unique individual; it’s the kind of individual that our clients gravitate towards, become loyal to and depend upon.

Add to this mix a corporate culture where we welcome any and all ways where we can improve as a team – egos stay out of our work at all times. We think openly, fairly and strategically in everything we do. We are not about the conventional agency model; we don’t count your minutes, we count our successes. We are looking for “The Givers” vs. “The Takers” when it comes to professional life. For this reason, we are forward-looking about how we can be a “different kind of agency.” Delta Media Inc. (DMI) is the kind of place where everyone who comes to work with us values their time and experience.

This position has been designated English imperative (Reading, Writing and Spoken) to the Government of Canada language proficiency level (CCC) and bilingualism is an asset but not required. A security clearance of reliability enhanced is necessary for the job; though secret is preferred. Security clearances may be processed through employment with our firm if not already in hand by the candidate.

Here are some additional details about the ideal candidate:

  • five (5) years of relevant experience in journalism or a job being the Director of Media Relations;
  • college diploma or university degree in related field (e.g. public relations, communications, marketing, journalism);
  • excellent writing skills (English and French);
  • proven ability to design, plan and monitor the execution of multiple and complex projects in an integrated communications campaign;
  • strong organizational skills;
  • strong interpersonal skills;
  • proven ability to work effectively as part of a team; and,
  • professional dress and deportment (e.g. maturity, punctual, respectful, ethical).

Job Structure

There are a couple of options for the job position: contract/association or as a job assignment depending on the credentials of the candidate. The job is based in the Ottawa area/office. With the right candidate, there is an opportunity to join the team in a more full-time capacity. Delta Media is a company with fluidity in that it seeks the right candidates to join the team and customizes the terms and conditions based on an open communication of both the needs of DMI and the candidate. DMI reserves the right to modify the job description and duties at any time during the employment timeframe. This job description works directly in tandem with the Company Policies, Procedures and Guidelines including Dress and Deportment requirements set forth by Delta Media Inc.


Pre-determined. Per contract.

Functional Responsibilities: Service Divisions

Under the direction of the President, Chairman, Vice-President(s), Account Director, and in conjunction with the Project Assistants, the first priority is delivering training to client files either in the Ottawa area or across Canada.

A particular focus will be provided to the training services division. The Project Assistants will work alongside the trainer to develop training courses, prepare for conducting training courses and ensure that the trainer is fulfilling exceptional client servicing based on the established process and protocols. The Project Assistant’s role is to have a strong lead in client communication, liaison and event management which will in turn support the trainer. DMI also provides a presentation equipment kit for use by the trainer which includes a laptop, projector, camera, microphones etc. In many cases the Trainer will be called upon to research and prepare standard course decks including teacher guides as part of the work deliverables.

The focus is always on intelligent work that is on time, of high quality, on budget and positively memorable to the client.

Below are links to key courses that would be delivered:

Media Spokesperson Training aka Positive Media Relations Training
Crisis Media Spokesperson Training aka Proactive Crisis Communications

Based on the skill sets of the trainer, other types of courses may also be introduced as options. Additional examples include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-media Media Spokesperson Training (e.g. Skype, social media, video journalism etc.)
  • Radio Media Spokesperson Training
  • TV Media Spokesperson Training

To Apply

  1. Follow @DeltaMediaMktg on Twitter and like our page Delta Media Inc. on Facebook.
  2. Email your CV to , no cover letter is required.
  3. Please state in your CV the position for our consideration.
  4. No phone calls please.