Project Specialist

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Project Specialist

Multimedia, Social Media, Advertising

…the role for an experienced and exceptional digital media junkie in Ottawa.

The demand for our firm’s services continues to rise. As such, we are looking for superstar employees to be part of this exceptional team. We hire only the best talent and we keep only the best talent.

The Project Specialist is a professionally experienced employee whose primary responsibilities involve contributing to various aspects of the daily operations and services of the Delta Media office in Ottawa with some support to other company office locations. A focus on great customer service skills, teamwork along with impeccable attention to detail, exceptional project management and organizational skills are imperative for success in this position. The person brings with them intermediate to advanced knowledge about digital technologies in terms of creating, broadcasting, monitoring, engaging and analyzing outcomes. This person has an affinity for storytelling with words and visuals, and technical aptitudes. You have a thirst to learn anything and everything about the topics of public relations, multimedia and social media. You are a self-starter and someone with a desire to always know and learn more about the topics of public relations, multimedia and social media both inside and outside the office environment. You are a trend setter. You don’t wait to be taught, you want to teach. You are enamored with the Delta Media Inc. brand and want to be an ambassador for the brand in Ottawa and beyond. You have an enthusiasm for your job and take pride in how your work will make an impact in Ottawa and Canada for Delta Media Inc. and our clients’ successes.

This is not as much a role where we will be mentoring you as it is a role in which you will be mentoring us and our clients based on your specialized skill sets. Your current social media use, following, and visibility is exceptional. Your voice online is engaging and intriguing. Essentially, people are interested in what you have to say digitally. And, perhaps you’ve had very key successes on other marketing-advertising campaigns including working on multi-social media. You will also be a key driver for getting job related tasks completed and managed on time, on budget and of high quality for clients and with little supervision. This is also a role that can be uniquely defined by you to create lasting impressions for the Delta Media Inc. brand in the marketplace.

Ideal Candidate

This position has been designated English imperative (Reading, Writing and Spoken) to the Government of Canada language proficiency level (CCC) and bilingualism is an asset but not required. The education level required is a college diploma or a university degree from within the fields of marketing, social media, multimedia, design, journalism, advertising or any combination. A minimum of 2 years experience is necessary to apply to this job posting. A security clearance of reliability enhanced is necessary for the job. This security clearance can be provided and processed by DMI.

Our list is ambitious, but our #TeamWork motto needs this type of person to add value to our team. Being a proactive team member is non-negotiable in our work environment; which also includes being available during peak service times of the year for the benefit of the DMI team which includes our client projects. We are looking for “The Givers” vs. “The Takers” when it comes to professional life. This position may also have project team members reporting to them for task related supervision. Here’s our aptitude wish list:

  • Professional
  • Flexible
  • Personable
  • Ambitious
  • Timely
  • Self-starter
  • Ability to lead project teams including suppliers, clients and team members to produce successful outcomes on project files
  • Excellent editor in English (and/or French)
  • Strong writer in the English language and able to write compelling business documents for client project files and in a timely manner
  • Critical thinker vs. an overly creative thinker (but some creative thinking is positive!)
  • Multi-tasker: able to handle many client files at different processes at once and also be organized to not miss anything
  • Strategic thinker: able to work quite independently and resolve issues in a professional and sound manner
  • Highly-active on social media with an exceptionally developed presence (e.g. messages regularly, has a good following, proven experience working with the tools in a corporate setting etc.)
  • Mid-level or advanced knowledge about social media work (e.g. advertising, analytics, posting, engagement, analysis numerically and linguistically)
  • Mid-level or advanced knowledge of advertising best practices digitally and traditional
  • Ability to provide counsel with sound strategic advice and implementation services to clients based on proven experience in the areas of multimedia and social media work
  • Can provide at minimum 2 executive level leadership (direct report) references from a previous successful marketing, communications and/or public relations job
  • Can provide at minimum 1 client reference from a previous successful multimedia, social media, or public relations campaign

Job Structure

The position is permanent, full-time and based in the Ottawa office. The position to start is an assignment contract up to a 6 month term. DMI reserves the right to modify the job description and duties at any time during the employment timeframe. This job description works directly in tandem with the Company Policies, Procedures and Guidelines including Dress and Deportment requirements set forth by Delta Media Inc.


This assignment contract position has a starting pay rate between $18.00 to $20.00 per hour depending on experience and education and is commensurate to the ideal candidate criteria. A salary and benefits package will be provided to the right candidate at the time of a full-time continuing, permanent employment offer.

Functional Responsibilities

  1. Under the direction of the President, Chairman, Vice-President(s) and/or designated project team members, the Project Manager’s priorities include supporting all aspects of DMI’s service categories in Ottawa and to other offices (as needed). With this particular role, there will be a key focus on specialty types of work within the areas of marketing, media relations, social media and multi-media work. The full suite of the company’s service division lines include:
    • Market Research
    • Strategic Planning
    • Social Media
    • Multimedia
    • Communication and Public Relations
    • Training
    • Event Planning
  2. Under the direction of the President, Chairman, Vice-President(s) and/or designated project team members, the Project Specialist’s priorities and duties may include but are not restricted to:
    • Strategic planning and intelligent experience-based counsel to clients with regards to multimedia, social media and advertising,
    • Be the firm’s go to person for creative strategic planning in preparing campaign ideas,
    • Writing, formatting and presenting strategic plans to clients in the area of social media, multimedia and advertising activities (including media relations),
    • Project management or team support services on client files in the area of social media, multimedia and advertising projects,
    • Leading and/or assisting with our charitable work for public relations, social media, multimedia and advertising projects,
    • Researching, creating and editing social media editorial calendars,
    • Identifying trends in the multimedia, social media and advertising environments and keeping the staff and clients informed (through research, and a thirst for knowledge in these topic areas),
    • Working with key industry tools in broadcasting, monitoring and engaging with social media campaign activities (e.g. Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.),
    • Digital Media Advertising: including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google SEO, and working with media partners,
    • Assisting/leading with media partner ad buys and negotiations,
    • Writing, formatting and presenting evaluation reports for campaign activities in the realm of public relations (e.g. media relations), multimedia, social media, and advertising,
    • In-depth knowledge of using visual creatives for use online (e.g. permission uses),
    • In-depth knowledge of using visual creative online that are effective and the various types of creative work from the multimedia spectrum (e.g. videos, infographics, photography, etc.),
    • Interest in being able to provide training sessions to our clients and to Delta Media Inc. staff about the topics of multimedia, social media and advertising,
    • Technical support to the corporate training team on various multimedia tasks,
    • Design skills with mainstream Adobe software products is a bonus asset,
    • Web management and update skills with leading industry tools such as WordPress and other web management software is an asset,
    • Providing the executive team with monthly reports for billing purposes,
    • Project close-out duties,
    • Other duties as assigned.
  3. Under the direction of the President, Chairman, Vice-President(s) and/or designated project team members, the Project Specialist’s priorities also include a strong focus on business development activities as designated by the executive team and consultants:
    • Packaging of bids and proposals;
    • Gathering contact lists;
    • Outreach to DMI contacts to initiate or schedule business development meetings/opportunities;
    • Research business development opportunities; and,
    • Other duties as assigned.

To Apply

  1. Follow @DeltaMediaMktg on Twitter and like our page Delta Media Inc. on Facebook.
  2. Email your CV to, no cover letter please.
  3. Please state in your CV the position for our consideration.
  4. No phone calls please.