Event Planning

Event Planning

Events are a gPrintreat way to publicize an organization, get people together, and provide value to attendees. They are a great way to connect in either a fun and less formal way or in some cases in a very designed formal manner. However, events take a lot of planning, organization, creativity and time to pull all of the details together making them very resource heavy. Unfortunately many events have better publicity than planning, and that is guaranteed to backfire. Event organizers often spend inordinate amounts of time and money to make sure that people know and attend a conference, and spend much less time and money on the logistics of the event. This is where the event planning team of Delta Media Inc. come to the rescue.

Integrated Event Planning

We understand the opportunities events have for clients & why they sometimes shy away from them based on staff resourcing. By combining our expertise in communication, public relations and social media we are able to use special events as a tool to leverage your organization’s message. We will work with you to craft the event scope, take care of all event logistics (working with venue, catering, AV, graphic designers, registration), integrate web, social media & PR tactics, work with staff/volunteers, and customize guest experience based on the event goal and objectives.

Make Us Part of your Team

We’re here to help you when your board or boss come to you saying “We need to have an event.”

With us on your team your staff will be able to enjoy themselves & concentrate on their work rather than being over-stressed. Let us worry about the details and your next event is sure to be a success!

A few examples of events:

  • Conferences
  • Gala dinner, auction, fundraisers
  • Golf tournaments
  • Professional networking
  • Workplace team building events
  • Media events
  • …and all other ideas/possibilities we can make a reality.

Want to chat more? Call us, we’d love to discuss how we can bring your event to life!