Public Relations

Public Relations

communication-iconIn today’s marketing and public relations (PR) landscape, our mantra spins around the word: integration. PR activities and campaigns require an integration of owned, partially-owned, paid and earned media to be most effective.

Good public relations efforts create a positive rapport with its customers and stakeholders, promote what a company has to offer, and supplements overall marketing and sales efforts.

From concept to creation to implementation, we work with you to define your brand, develop your materials, and deliver your message. We are honest and we help you decide if your PR story is suited for media outreach or if perhaps another integrated approach offers a better return on investment for your budget. The plan isn’t to burn through your budget, but to make your budget optimized for your desired success.

We are here to help you know what marketing and PR tools are effective in today’s communication environment and what you need to ensure that your message reaches an ever shrinking news room and an ever growing audience both online and offline.

Here’s our initial advice:

  1. Be Personal
  2. Be Social
  3. Be Real-Time
  4. Be Specific
  5. Integrate!

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