communication-iconToday, we have access to countless tools to display text, design motion graphics and playback sound in an integrated and beautiful way. We are truly at the height of the digital era.

We understand that with technology and communication evolving at warp-speed, it can be challenging for many to stay ahead of the curve. As much as we find comfort in consistency and routine, the reality of our world today is this: change is inevitable.

Change is good

At Delta Media, we think change is good. That’s because when it comes to change, Delta Media is plugged in, fully-charged and ready to play! We’re tapped into a diverse network of the best multimedia specialists across the country to help you embrace change and use it to tell your story the best way possible.

Our specialists are deeply in tune with the latest gadgets, gizmos and computer software.

We’re not riding the wave – we’re ahead of it!

Some of our favourite projects:

Web Video Photography
Web design and layout
Web audits & copy writing
Search engine optimization
Digital advertising
Social media managementGraphic Design
Graphic treatments (slogans)
Media canvases (pop-up banners)
Social media assets
Motion graphics
Business cards
PowerPoint templates
Television commercials
YouTube/Vimeo videos
Corporate videos
Promotional videos
Training videos
Storyboards and script writing
Editing services
Make-up artistry
Hair servicesAudio
Radio PSAs
Audio mixing and mastering
Corporate events
Media events
Social events
Stock imagery
Make-up artistry
Hair services
Digital editing

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