Social Media

Social Media

social-mediaThere’s a lot of hype about social media. Of course, it’s a relatively new form of communication.

Traditional communication is all about broadcasting and hoping you reach your audience. However, social media is about broadcasting, monitoring your audience and engaging with them in real time, from anywhere in the world and at any time of day. That’s a BIG shift in the way an organization can communicate.

Is social media for everyone?

No. Just because social media exists does not mean it is exactly what you need as part of your communications toolkit. That’s where good market research insights and a basic strategy can help you to be successful. We are not here to preach that you need to be active in every social media tool that exists. If someone tells you that, it’s a red flag to turn the other way. When it comes to social media, we think differently.

Here’s our position:

We ground our social media work in good thinking to help empower your organization to do the right thing and at the right time with the right resources. Any communication work should be anchored in having a clear goal, objectives, strategic directions and a clearly identified audience. Only then, develop the messages and decide on the right communication distribution channel.

Your success is our success. Period.

We’re here to empower you and ensure you get good return-on-investment-stories to make you look and sound your best. If social media can be introduced as part of your everyday communications mix, we’ll help you get up to speed so you can join the conversation right away.

Our social media team is helping clients everyday:

Planning Managing Channels
Coaching Editorial Calendars Facebook
Key Note Speaking Content Writing Four Square
Audits Content Research Google+
Strategy Monitor Channels LinkedIn
Advertising Blogger Relations Mail Chimp and Constant Contact
SEO Broadcast through Channels Twitter
Graphic Design Engage with Audiences WordPress and Drupal
Web Design Metric Reports YouTube

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