Be a Successful and Confident Facilitator

Be a Successful and Confident Facilitator

Facilitative leaders run great meetings engage others and get collaborative results

Learning to become an effective facilitator can be applied to many workplace situations.
Facilitation skills (also known as moderating) can enhance your group process and leadership
competencies and boost your confidence so you can facilitate focused, effective and
professional meetings, sessions and workshops – every time, for every purpose. Moderating
discussions can take place in large format situations (i.e. such as Town Halls, Media
Conferences, Panel Discussions and Committee Meetings) but also as part of day-to-day work
meetings on the informal side. The skill sets are wide ranging and can be applied for use with
various audiences groups both internal to an organization and also for communicating
effectively with external stakeholders.

This course is a half-day theory-based course. For smaller group sizes (e.g. under 3) practicum
is available in the session. For groups over 4 people an extra half-day session dedicated to the
practicum is recommended.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Discover the characteristics and components of a great meeting (in-person and via
  • Understand the role of a facilitator versus a chairperson, presenter or instructor
  • Receive key steps to planning and preparing for a well facilitated, engaging session
  • Practice essential facilitation skills for guiding the group process (e.g., active listening,
    rephrasing techniques)
  • Learn and apply techniques to engage participants
  • Learn and apply techniques to facilitate basic session outcomes
  • Learn and apply techniques to deal with difficult group members
  • Learn to apply techniques to keep a group on track
  • Learn to apply techniques to tap collective group knowledge
  • Gain insights about group dynamics
  • Learn to apply techniques for interventions for group dynamics
  • Be able to close with clarity and commitment

Half-day workshops are available.


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