Become a Persuasive Communicator

Become a Persuasive Communicator

This course helps the participants to understand how to express themselves assertively in order to become a more persuasive communicator. In particular they will learn the differences between aggressive and assertive behaviour, correct body language, what to say to get results, how to request, how to constructively criticize and how to boost their confidence. The course contains a large number of practical exercises designed to increase the retention of the skills participants learn in this course.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Distinguish between assertive/aggressive/passive behaviour
  • Negotiate to a win/win
  • Present your view systematically and assertively
  • Deal with aggressive or passive aggressive behaviour
  • How to say “NO”
  • Use a step-by-step approach to give constructive feedback

Half-day and 1-day workshops are available.


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