Build Better Media Lists

Build Better Media Lists

Precision media relations

Forget the “shotgun” approach! Our Build Better Media Lists seminar introduces you to “precision” media relations. Learn how to zero in on the editors, producers, reporters and media outlets whose stories actually reach your audiences.

Whether you are planning a one-time media blitz to address a particular issue or embarking on a lengthy media relations campaign designed to build your organization’s reputation, Build Better Media Lists introduces you to a comprehensive and strategic approach that generates results. Best of all, you will be given a hands-on opportunity to build a targeted media list.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Uncover hidden editorial opportunities
  • Save precious time and build credibility with news outlets
  • Identify the editors, producers, reporters and media outlets who can help you reach your audience and stakeholders

Half-day and 1-day workshops are available.


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