Build Healthy Workplace Relationships

Build Healthy Workplace Relationships

Conversations form the basis of our human interaction and relationships. In this fast paced world where time is a precious commodity, it becomes extremely important to transmit and receive ideas and messages accurately and effectively. Effective communication in the workplace goes beyond a mere exchange of words and gestures to reveal a depth of understanding masked by personal judgments, biases and other barriers to communication.

A commitment to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and especially to active learning around how and why we communicate the way we do, will in the end reduce workplace misunderstandings and build stronger relationships. When we have less workplace stress and spend less time on difficult situations, we have more time and mental energy to do the job at hand.

This course will enable participants to learn how to approach each conversation as an essential component to the development of all personal, business and social relationships.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Identify your communication/behaviour style and match your style to the style of others
  • Understand the personal factors that contribute to your ability to communicate
  • Examine the common barriers and misunderstandings in communication
  • Master the keys to exceptional communication: observe, listen, analyze, plan, communicate
  • Learn how questioning can lead to deeper communication
  • Build better relationships and gain the trust of your colleagues
  • Avoid disagreements or conflicts that may result from misinterpreting others or inactive listening
  • Use assertive behaviour to enhance work and personal relationships
  • Understand and use body language to enhance communication
  • Understand values, beliefs, attitudes and perceptual processes

1-day and 2 day workshops available.


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