Effective Parliamentary Committee Presentations

Effective Parliamentary Committee Presentations

Prepare for success as you advocate and answer questions from political decision-makers in committee

House of Commons and Senate committees present unique challenges to presenters — whether they are public servants being held accountable for their programs or third-party stakeholders seeking to influence Parliamentarians on key issues. Our Effective Parliamentary Committee Presentations training seminars are designed to help you gain confidence before your appearance at a committee meeting — with valuable insight into the dynamics of this political forum and practical tips on how to make your presentation and question responses productive and impactful.

Delivered one-on-one or in group settings, our Effective Parliamentary Committee Presentations training is customized to reflect the topic of your presentation and the political issues surrounding it, and to support you and your organization’s objectives.

Our expert trainers will share with you:

  • Knowledge and insight into the foundations of committee rules and procedures, as well as the positions and questioning style of committee members
  • Information on the types of questions to expect and the “hot-button” issues
  • Advice on effective strategies for responding to questions and avoiding pitfalls during high-intensity questioning
  • An opportunity to practice your committee presentation and to receive feedback, with tips to strengthen content and presentation style
  • An opportunity to practice your responses to the “tough questions” and receive feedback on ways to enhance those responses

Half-day workshops are available.