Fostering Initiative in the Workplace

Fostering Initiative in the Workplace

Taking initiative is an important factor in making improvements at work, problem solving, coping with change, and providing exceptional customer service. It must be deliberately fostered at all levels, from organization-wide culture, values and processes, down to the proactive encouragement of team leaders. For a successful, forward-looking operation, it is vital that employees not only make the right choice between doing nothing and doing something, but also actively want to do so.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Explore what factors at the organizational level encourage initiative, including establishing consistent, constructive performance evaluation structures and a strong corporate culture around values and shared vision
  • Examine what day-to-day management behaviours may be contributing to lack of initiative and motivation
  • Build a toolbox of techniques, including proper use of delegation, feedback, and balance of workplace transparency to raise motivation and initiative-taking
  • Learn how at the individual level your mental models and attitudes, values, ability to identify opportunities and motivators, and a strong personal vision, can raise your initiative

1-day workshops are available.


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