Key Messages for Targeted Audiences

Key Messages for Targeted Audiences

Know what to say, and how, to various stakeholder audiences with confidence and authority

Senior leaders are often called on by their organization’s staff, stakeholders, clients and partners to deliver answers to their questions in a timely, accurate way. Similarly, senior leaders often have important messages to deliver to their audiences, aimed at receiving a specific result. This course, geared to key organizational decision-makers (senior management, executives, board members), gives practical advice on sharing information to various audiences in a message driven way.

Delivered one-on-one or in a group setting, our Key Messages for Targeted Audiences training course includes instruction on deciding what information can be shared with what audience, crafting key messages that get to the heart of the issue, and practice delivering those messages with authority.

Key Messages for Targeted Audiences empowers participants—through a combination of theory and hands-on learning—to feel confident speaking with any number of audiences that their organization deals with on a regular basis.

Our expert trainers give you knowledge in:

  • Who to consult with in your organization in order to know what information can be shared
  • Knowing who can be party to what information, and when
  • How to work collaboratively with your organization’s communications department
  • How to ensure that your communications are aligned with your organizational goals
  • How to make sure that your messaging is in line with that of other senior leaders in your organization
  • Knowing your key stakeholder audiences and their needs
  • Knowing how to adapt your messaging for each of your target audiences
  • How to be strategic about what information should be shared, and when
  • How prepare your messaging and approach for key stakeholder meetings (government, partners, funders, etc.)
  • How to know what information can be shared when a decision or policy has not been finalized yet
  • How to manage expectations from each audience

This training can be customized based on the number of participants.