Make Your Point – Create Powerful Presentations using PowerPoint™

Make Your Point – Create Powerful Presentations using PowerPoint™

In an era with multimedia technology at our finger tips, the days of traditional Power Point presentations made up of never ending bullet points and heavy text are no longer effective and have become a barrier to good communication. Now more than ever, effective presentation and public speaking skills are essential to ensure that you engage and connect with your audience and get your message heard.

This course concentrates on helping participants to make the best use of Microsoft PowerPoint™, by developing slides and hand-outs that add meaning and impact. Participants will learn how to make information come alive and to deliver dynamic, persuasive presentations with ease.

Increase the impact on your audience by creating rich, engaging and informative presentations.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Enlighten your audience – simplify your slides
  • Learn how visuals can improve absorption of your message
  • Use graphics and photos to increase impact
  • Analyze your visuals: your perspective vs. the audience’s
  • Design tips to magnify clarity and create powerful slides
  • Use animation wisely

1-day, 1.5-day and 2-day workshops are available.


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