Manage Multiple Work Priorities

Manage Multiple Work Priorities

As an office professional you are confronted and pulled by a multitude of demands throughout the day. There are unexpected interruptions from colleagues, telephone calls, emails and urgent requests from clients, meeting assignments, and new project tasks to juggle. Conquer the stress associated with handling multiple tasks and deadlines by adopting portable techniques for managing your time and schedule. You’ll achieve maximum productivity and put the “sanity” back into your day.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to best organize your priorities and work towards achieving your goals and objectives.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Plan the most effective way to spend your time in order to meet your goals
  • Prioritize and schedule important tasks and activities
  • Minimize interruptions
  • Identify your procrastination style and learn how to manage things in a timely manner
  • Set your goals and objectives
  • Understand the top 10 time wasters and how to overcome them

1-day workshops are available.


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