Manage Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Manage Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

In this course, participants learn how to go through emotional or intense conversations. Some conversations can make us angry, upset or hopeless and it’s important to know how to control our actions without getting overwhelmed by these emotions. This course also contains techniques on how to deliver bad news, how to establish rapport and how to apologize. The package includes all trainer resources and many exercises to help participants fully learn the skills during the course.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Establish the intent of a conversation
  • Identify the desired outcome
  • Use a 7 step technique to deliver bad news
  • Give constructive feedback in 3 steps
  • Handle people’s reactions to what you say when they get emotional or upset
  • Create a strategy to use in managing difficult conversations

1-day and 2-day workshops are available.


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