Media Relations Success: Evaluating and Measuring of Media Coverage Results

Media Relations Success: Evaluating and Measuring of Media Coverage Results 

Do you know what’s being said about your organization?

It’s important that a variety of monitoring tactics are in place to ensure that your organization is able to measure the success of its public relations strategy. Organizations use this media intelligence to determine what is being said – positive or negative – about the organization itself, its brand, or an issue that can affect it. Among other things, media monitoring and analysis can help organizations track publicity campaigns, discover the nature and extent of various social trends, and obtain insight on how media and other opinion leaders are responding to their products and messages. All in all, it’s a very important part of the public relations process. It is this step that allows organizations to feed back into their strategic planning processes and alter tactics that are not producing success and improve upon or leverage tactics that are proving to be positive for the organization.

 Our expert trainers will share with you:

  • An overview of the media monitoring landscape in Canada today
  • New and emerging approaches to evaluating media coverage results
  • Components of an effective evaluation report that demonstrates success
  • Tools for quantitative measurement
  • Tools for qualitative measurement

Half-day workshops are available.


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