Media Relations Success: Managing Media Relations in a Crisis

Media Relations Success: Managing Media Relations in a Crisis 

Turning a media crisis into a managed situation

As much as we all like to deal only in good news, things can and do go wrong at times.  Mistakes, problems, slip-ups, errors of judgement, political controversies or accidents come along once in a while and with them can come the media spotlight.

If your organization finds itself in the midst of a media frenzy the last thing that you want to happen is for an incident to build into a full-blown crisis. Having such a crisis on your hands can cause long-term damage to your organization, mainly through the loss of public confidence. This can lead to a loss of public support, fewer members, supporters, volunteers or helpers and can also hit your group’s bottom line through people being reluctant to donate to your group. Whatever the reason was for the incident, the first priority for your organization is to fix it by dealing with the media in the best manner possible. This should be done with one short-term objective in mind: to lessen the impact of the media crisis to your organization. Then, for the longer term objectives, to make sure there is no ongoing risk to the public and that there are steps in place to ensure there is no chance of the same thing happening again.

 Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Apply media-relations best practices to the unique circumstances of conducting media relations during a “crisis”
  • Understand how a story develops or threatens to develop in which an organization’s reputation and/or stakeholder relations are at risk or already damaged
  • Work through a realistic crisis scenario as a learning tool

Half-day workshops are available.


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