Media Relations Success: Strategies and Planning

Media Relations Success: Strategies and Planning 

Making the right moves

It is important to strategically integrate marketing into your business planning efforts and to create multiple plans to keep goals top of mind and players accountable and on task. Typically contained within the five-year strategic plan is a more targeted one-year marketing plan that considers the larger objectives of the firm and determines a process in which to start working towards that goal. Yet without a media relations plan to complement the marketing plan, you might be missing key opportunities to reach your target audience and gain visibility for your firm. Like any type of plan, creating and maintaining a media relations plan allows communications professionals to identify and pursue the most beneficial opportunities. Researching target publications and determining appropriate opportunities for pitching allows PR professionals to reach a wide target audience. In addition, researching the market itself allows for a more comprehensive understanding of what is and isn’t viable for the firm in the current market conditions.

 Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Make sense of the shifting media landscape
  • Understand the needs of various media
  • Identify the challenges & opportunities in media relations
  • Develop high-level strategic thinking to be successful with media relations
  • Develop SWOT analysis: analyzing strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities related to your media targets and the broader environment of your media outreach
  • Set media outreach goals & objectives mapped to your broader communications objectives & target audiences
  • Develop your “ideal story result” and think about pitch angles

Half-day workshops are available.


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