Media Relations Success: Tactics and Tools

Media Relations Success: Tactics and Tools 

It’s time to take action

So the plan is in place, now it’s time to bring to life the elements of the media relations plan. During the action phase is where the real success starts to come to life.

 Our expert trainers will share with you:

  • The important elements of the media-relations toolkit (tools to promote consistency across various media campaigns)
  • The importance of building customized media lists (and touching on the ‘How To’ components to build an effective list)
  • The thinking behind developing powerful key messages that will appeal to media
  • Ways to optimize the use of media advisories and news releases
  • Media pitching: effective methods for selling your story
  • Customize media pitches for various media
  • Ways in which to optimize distribution channels
  • Effective processes/tools for responding to media inquiries

Half-day workshops are available.


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