Microsoft® Outlook: A Tool to Help Manage Your Workday

Microsoft® Outlook: A Tool to Help Manage Your Workday 

Customized training from productivity specialists

This seminar offers invaluable practical solutions to manage and organize your inbox using Microsoft Outlook.

Delivered in a group setting, our Microsoft® Outlook: A Tool to Help Manage Your Workday training seminar includes hands on practice and instruction on how to use the Microsoft® Outlook features to help you become more productive within Microsoft® Outlook.

Most importantly this course will allow participants to get organized and stay organized using Microsoft® Outlook in a way that will benefit their personality style

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Set up a system in outlook that works for you based on your workload and style
  • Manage your incoming and outgoing emails
  • Focus on your overall vision, your roles, your goals and your priorities
  • Use your task pad and calendar to help you manage multiple priorities
  • Create a prioritization system to ensure you meet your goals and objectives

1-day workshops are available.


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