Organizational Change: Leading the Way

Organizational Change: Leading the Way  

Change due to rapidly changing technologies and economies is the reality of today’s workplace. Change must be embraced, understood, and seen as an opportunity for innovation and growth, by all levels of an organization. But for every success story there are so many who fail at change. Managing change successfully is not just about following the five-step plan or bringing in the top team. We must understand how change impacts, and is received by, all members of an organization.  Leveraging and properly coaching the human resources and talent we have is equally important. Applying this understanding, as well as other change management tools, to our change management plan is essential to long-term success and sustainability.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Examine the essentials of change: what it is and why it happens
  • Understand the human response to change and how ideas spread
  • Look at how change is an opportunity for your own leadership development, as well as for the growth of the team and organization
  • Learn strategies to help team members with resiliency and through the psychological aspect of change
  • Apply tools and coaching techniques to help engage team members and stakeholders in change based on their skills, motivation, and interests
  • Examine the critical components of a change management program/framework

1-day and 2-day workshops are available.


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