Successful News Conferences

Successful News Conferences

Detailed event planning and management

Whether you are organizing a news conference, a product launch or an international symposium, any successful event begins with a plan. Our Successful News Conferences seminar introduces you to tried and true event planning techniques, checklists and systems that will help make your next special event a success from start to finish.

We will offer tips on virtually every aspect of special event planning, from conception to evaluation, helping you to build your event budget, tap into internal resources, determine the logistical and protocol requirements, promote your event and measure impact.

Our expert trainers will share with you how to:

  • Choose the right type of event
  • Choose the optimal location
  • Build the optimal invitation list
  • Ensure attendance
  • Select your speakers and speaking order
  • Decide on the audio/visual support you need
  • Build your event toolkit
  • Manage the event on-site
  • Measure your success

Half-day and 1-day workshops are available.


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